We have added some changes to our clinic for your safety; we have removed all reading material from our waiting room, placed additional hand sanitizers, and will be using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).  We have always kept the clinic in high standards of cleanliness and will continue to do so.  Disinfecting will continue to occur before and after your visit, focusing on areas that have been contacted and high traffic.  Our clinic is small, and we are able to control how many people are in our clinic at one time.  We will try our best to stagger our appointments to minimize interaction with other patients. 

We are implementing some protocols for you to mitigate risk even further.  We ask that you help us keep everyone safe by adhering to the following:

  1. We will need your informed consent for treatment.  We will send out an electronic consent form for you to sign and acknowledge.  And agree to verbal consent before each treatment. 

  2. A mask or a face covering is required within the clinic.  This can include scarves, bandanas, or nonsurgical grade mask.  We ask that you bring your own. 

  3. Contactless payment is strongly encouraged.  Tap on our debit machine is activated.  As for most of you, we will continue to direct bill on your behalf. 

  4. Please try and come to your designated appointment time, avoid coming in 5 minutes early or late.  We would like to avoid appointment overlap.  If you do come in several minutes earlier, feel free to wait in the hallway or at the benches outside our clinic. 

  5. Avoid bringing any other person to your appointment, unless you are a minor needing a guardian present and/or a person needing assistance.

  6. Self Assessment questions for signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

    1. Do you have a confirmed case of Covid-19? YES or NO

    2. Do you have difficulty breathing (struggling to breathe or speaking a single word? YES or NO

    3. Do you have a fever? YES or NO

    4. Severe chest pain? YES or NO

    5. Have cold like or Flu symptoms? YES or NO

  7. If you are sick, have answered YES to any of the questions above (6), have been travelling, or come into direct contact with someone who has been ill please do not come for your appointment.  Appointment will be cancelled at the time of visit if any patient exhibits signs of illness or fever.